Sunday, July 19, 2009

Encenada Mexico Cruise March 2009

Jered and I went on a cruise with our good friends Jared and Tara Clanton in February to Encenada, Mexico. we had a WONDERFUL time! The weather was perfect! The food was even good on the boat! The entertainment was to die for, Jered and Jared I mean when they did karioke! Tara and I were teasing the boys that we were going to get up and sing together. Well, when I went up to put our name in, I told the girl to call the boys up so they could sing "I'm too Sexy"! Tara and I thought they were going to kill us! When we thought it was getting closer, we were trying to get out of them singing because we thought they were going to be so mad at us, so we were trying to leave, when we finally just told them that we put their names in and not ours! Well, they thought we were joking, but when they called them up on stage, they just looked at us and walked calmly up to the stage and started to sing! They did GREAT! But we were afraid what they had in mind for the next night for us to sing, since they threatened to "get even". By the time they were done, they even had a fan club! (and it didn't include us girls!)

While on the boat we enjoyed the poolside, the hypnotist show, a welcome show, the food, and being with each other. While off the boat, we walked the streets in the shopping district, bought some souviners, bargined with the shops, ate good mexican food, visited a REALLY old building, opted not to go to a winery, and made new friends from Colorado.
I highly recommend a cruise to ALL married couples! It doesn't have to be expensive, and not for very long, but just to get away with each other was so fun!

Jered and Steph on the Plane

Jared and Tara on the plane

We had time to waste before the boat left, so we went for a walk in San Diego

This is the LARGE statue from Pearl Harbor (the movie)
It is the nurse and the pilot kissing

This is a military boat in the harbor

Our Boat, The Carnival Elation

The gang before we were to board the boat

These are our sleeping quarters

Jered outside our bedroom. Isn't he looking mighty fine?!?!?!

The pool area! Check it out!

The boys showing off

Having fun walking around the boat and enjoying the sun

In the mornings the dolphins would chase beside the boat! It was the coolest thing to watch! There were so many of them. It was amazing! This was taken from the top deck of the boat!

Awww, we arrived in Encenada. This is the port were we docked, and were able to get off and enjoy the city and the shopping.

We're off the boat and ready for fun!

Let's go SHOPPING!!!!

This is Formal Night. We all got dressed up in our nice clothes and went and had dinner and had a good night. This is the night the boys sang karioke!

This was our view from our dinner window on Formal Night. It was BEAUTIFUL!

This is our trip. When we arrived in SLC, it was snowing. Blaghhh. I wanted to go back to Mexico!

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  1. so fun- Where shall we go next time? I am thinking somewhere on land... But ask me again when I am NOT pregnant. haha. Somewhere with Kareoke though for sure... We need to practice for our payback.. haha.