Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our newest edition! And some updates

So yes, I am probably the biggest slacker there is, but I'm very busy, so you get what you get, when I get around to doing it!

James Shawn Taylor is the newest member of our family! He joined us on October 8th and is such a wonderful edition to our little family. It has been quite an adjustment to having 3 kids now, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! After a lot of talk and worrying on Jered's end, I think James just may have completed our family! We'll see what happens, but for now, we are all enjoying him and all the fun things he does, and the cute sounds he makes!

As for the other two rugrats, they are such good helpers and noise makers! They love their little brother, and I don't think Eli is going to be able to wait to be able to wrestle with James until he is bigger! He likes to sit by him and talk to him and copy all the fun sounds James makes! It is very cute to watch.

We are still trying to sell our house so that we can move to Sanpete county. We can't wait to get down there and continue our dream of raising our little family there!

I am starting school again in January after a semester break after having James. I am excited, but nervous... I don't know how it will work, but I guess it just will!

Jered is working hard at everything he does and enjoys hunting coyotes now and again.

Hopefully, it won't be so long in between posts next time.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Madison's 4th birthday

So, I put the pictures in backwards so just look at them from the bottom then go up. Sorry!

Okay, Okay, I'm a bit slow, but better late then never right? So here are the pictures from Madison's 4th birthday! We started celebrating the day before her birthday really by going to Hogle Zoo. We had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor, Aunt Kayla, Mom, Dad, Eli and of course Madison! We had a really fun time seeing all the different animals, but Madison's favorite this year were the penguins. I think Eli liked the snake. Dad liked the giraffe, and mom liked them all!

Then next day was Madison's birthday and it was also her first day of Preschool! Boy how she is growing up so fast! We started this day off by opening presents from dad, mom and Eli. She was pretty excited about the playdough table, and I think Eli liked it just as much! We played with it all morning until it was time to go to school! She looked so cute for her first day of school and was very excited to go. After school, Madison wanted German Pancakes for dinner, so that is was we ate! They were YUMMY!!!! We had a birthday party with the Larsen family and Grandma Raff came as well. Boy did she get spoiled, like always! We had cake and ice cream and enjoyed each others company.
Happy Birthday Maddy! We love you!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The worst day ever

so, let me tell you about my day...
It all started at 4:45 A.M. when Jered left to go to Cedar City for a 2 day work class. He was suppose to come back on Tuesday. Then at 6:30 A.M. Madison ran into the bathroom downstairs and started throwing up. Luckily she made it to the bathroom before it all came out on the carpet! I was so proud of her. She was still throwing up at 8:30 A.M. when I was suppose to take the kids to my cousins house to play today while I got hair extensions in Taylorsville with my sister-in-law Kayla. We decided to take Maddy with us and drop Eli off at Trena's. Well, on my way to Payson Market where I was going to go buy Maddy a sprite to settle her stomach and cash some checks, I got pulled over by a Payson Police Officer for speeding. I know, I know, I should have paid more attention to how fast I was going, but I just had one thing on the brain, getting Maddy a pop... So I got a ticket for 5 over the limit, which was better than 15 over, which I was doing. Opps! I better start paying attention to the speed limit. Soooo, after that, I dropped Eli off at Trena's house and left him crying and drove away. I just hoped that he would calm down and be okay for her. So, now I was on my way to the class. Oh, did I mention that Madison is STILL throwing up in a bowl as we are driving up to SLC.
So, we got to the class which started at 10 A.M. and we even got there 5 minutes early! I took Maddy to the potty and headed to the class. While in the class she still was throwing up and about after an hour of sitting in the class getting instructions, Madison started throwing up blood, so that was our sign to get her to the doctor. So we asked if we could reschedule and away we went to the doctor. Luckily we have the most AWESOME dr. in the world, they got us right in. We left Eli at Trena's house, hoping he wasn't screaming too bad, and took Madison to the dr. They did a UTI test which came back negative, but they found out that she was on the line of being dehydrated. Did I mention that she is STILL throwing up!!! I can't count how many times she threw up today! I felt so bad for her... Anyway, they gave her a shot of Phenegren and a Pedia-Pop. Doc said that she had to keep the popsicle down or she would have to go to the hospital for IV treatment. So, she got the popsicle down and said, "ok Mom, lets go home now". Then she looked at me and out it ALL came. All over me, her, the backback and the floor. The doc came back in and said that that was his answer and away we went to the hospital. And yes, still throwing up! Yuck!
So we got to the hospital and they checked us in under observation. Doc said that she may have to stay over night just to get enough liquids and get rehydrated. Maddy didn't want that at all!
I got a call from Jered saying that he would be on his way home... That was the best news I had heard all day! I really needed him with me to help our dear little girl feel better. So he was coming home!
They started the IV and she fell asleep pretty soon after that. She slept for a while and while she did, Jered came with our wonderful neighbors and gave her a blessing which was much needed. Soon after that, she woke up to see her grandpa Taylor and her dad waiting for her to wake up. And once again, she threw up again. That wasn't good. That meant that she would probably have to stay overnight because she just wasn't keeping anything down.

So, Grandma Raff picked up Eli and brought him to the hospital where he was cautious at what was going on. Maddy woke up and started to perk up a bit. She was coloring and watching movies with the family. Grandma Taylor came to visit her as well and brought her some fun gifts she could play with. She was enjoying Pedia-Pops once again and this time she KEPT THEM DOWN!!! HOORAY!!!! Way to go Madison!!! , but she still had to stay overnight for observation.

So, Madison and Dad are "camping out" at the hospital tonight. When I left she was watching a movie and getting ready for bed. The doc will be in in the morning to check on her and hopefully she will be feeling a lot better than today!

I am very greatful for a wonderful husband that honors his priesthood so that he can bless our family. I am also greatful for our wonderdul neighbors that we can count on to help give our family blessings. I believe in the power of the priesthood very much and know that after she received the blessing, Heavenly Father started healing her sick body. I know that he will continue to bless her to make her body whole.

So, that is how my day went today. I guess it could have been worse, I'm just glad it wasn't.... Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! I love you Madison. Get feeling better sweetie!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're going to RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, many of you know that Jered went on his mission to Samara, Russia. It has been almost 10 years since he went on his mission in October of 1999. Well, I guess a 10 year reunion is necessary!!! So, we are going to RUSSIA!!!!! We just bought our plane tickets yesterday and we can't wait to be going!!! I am nervous about leaving our kids for 10 days, but know that they will be in good hands back at home with their grandma's, grandpa and a very good and trustworthy friend. I really appreciate the fact that they have agreed to watch our rugrats for us while we take this once in a lifetime trip back to see the members that Jered has grown to love over the years.... Oh and did I mention that we will be speaking in Sacrament meeting in RUSSIA????? Yes, that is right. Our dear friend is the Branch President over in Penza and he asked Jered if he and I would speak. Jered is to speak in Russian and they will get a translator for me!!! AGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Happy about this one! Oh well. I guess I probably will never get the opportunity to say that I spoke in sacrament meeting in Russia ever again, so I better change my attitude! I'm just so nervous!!! Oh well, this too shall pass.... I better get studying up on what I'm going to speak about. Any ideas????

As time gets closer, I'll post more about our trip. For now, ta-ta!

***we got Jered's passport back yesterday, so now we have to send off for our visa's.... Hooray!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Encenada Mexico Cruise March 2009

Jered and I went on a cruise with our good friends Jared and Tara Clanton in February to Encenada, Mexico. we had a WONDERFUL time! The weather was perfect! The food was even good on the boat! The entertainment was to die for, Jered and Jared I mean when they did karioke! Tara and I were teasing the boys that we were going to get up and sing together. Well, when I went up to put our name in, I told the girl to call the boys up so they could sing "I'm too Sexy"! Tara and I thought they were going to kill us! When we thought it was getting closer, we were trying to get out of them singing because we thought they were going to be so mad at us, so we were trying to leave, when we finally just told them that we put their names in and not ours! Well, they thought we were joking, but when they called them up on stage, they just looked at us and walked calmly up to the stage and started to sing! They did GREAT! But we were afraid what they had in mind for the next night for us to sing, since they threatened to "get even". By the time they were done, they even had a fan club! (and it didn't include us girls!)

While on the boat we enjoyed the poolside, the hypnotist show, a welcome show, the food, and being with each other. While off the boat, we walked the streets in the shopping district, bought some souviners, bargined with the shops, ate good mexican food, visited a REALLY old building, opted not to go to a winery, and made new friends from Colorado.
I highly recommend a cruise to ALL married couples! It doesn't have to be expensive, and not for very long, but just to get away with each other was so fun!

Jered and Steph on the Plane

Jared and Tara on the plane

We had time to waste before the boat left, so we went for a walk in San Diego

This is the LARGE statue from Pearl Harbor (the movie)
It is the nurse and the pilot kissing

This is a military boat in the harbor

Our Boat, The Carnival Elation

The gang before we were to board the boat

These are our sleeping quarters

Jered outside our bedroom. Isn't he looking mighty fine?!?!?!

The pool area! Check it out!

The boys showing off

Having fun walking around the boat and enjoying the sun

In the mornings the dolphins would chase beside the boat! It was the coolest thing to watch! There were so many of them. It was amazing! This was taken from the top deck of the boat!

Awww, we arrived in Encenada. This is the port were we docked, and were able to get off and enjoy the city and the shopping.

We're off the boat and ready for fun!

Let's go SHOPPING!!!!

This is Formal Night. We all got dressed up in our nice clothes and went and had dinner and had a good night. This is the night the boys sang karioke!

This was our view from our dinner window on Formal Night. It was BEAUTIFUL!

This is our trip. When we arrived in SLC, it was snowing. Blaghhh. I wanted to go back to Mexico!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camping at Wanroads with the Powells

Maddy on her 4-Wheeler
"The Bug Catchers"

Best of Friends, Norma and Maddy

We went camping a couple of weeks ago with our wonderful friends, The Powells and their family! They have 3 kids, Tucker, Thad, and Norma, and a dog, Wall-E. Nate works with Jered out on the highway. His wife's name is Bobby. She was a great person to hangout with. I enjoyed getting to know her better. The kids played ball, frisbee, went on a hike, caught butterflies, grasshoppers and bugs, rode Madison's 4-Wheeler, roasted marshmellows, watched movies, played games and had a good time!
It rained a little the first day and they were sleeping in a Tee-Pee. Luckily they brought tarps to cover themselves. The second night it rained and POURED!!!!! I have never seen so much rain at once, especially while camping! So needless to say, we invited them into our trailer for the night and there we all slept, all 9 of us and a dog! It was a "bonding" experience with the Powell family, and it was a LOT of fun! The kids went to bed and the adults stayed up playing games until 1:00 a.m. Next time I think we'll pay more attention to the weather forecast before we head for the hills
Roasting Smores
Eli loved Wall-E

The kids just Chillin' watching a movie