Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're going to RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, many of you know that Jered went on his mission to Samara, Russia. It has been almost 10 years since he went on his mission in October of 1999. Well, I guess a 10 year reunion is necessary!!! So, we are going to RUSSIA!!!!! We just bought our plane tickets yesterday and we can't wait to be going!!! I am nervous about leaving our kids for 10 days, but know that they will be in good hands back at home with their grandma's, grandpa and a very good and trustworthy friend. I really appreciate the fact that they have agreed to watch our rugrats for us while we take this once in a lifetime trip back to see the members that Jered has grown to love over the years.... Oh and did I mention that we will be speaking in Sacrament meeting in RUSSIA????? Yes, that is right. Our dear friend is the Branch President over in Penza and he asked Jered if he and I would speak. Jered is to speak in Russian and they will get a translator for me!!! AGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Happy about this one! Oh well. I guess I probably will never get the opportunity to say that I spoke in sacrament meeting in Russia ever again, so I better change my attitude! I'm just so nervous!!! Oh well, this too shall pass.... I better get studying up on what I'm going to speak about. Any ideas????

As time gets closer, I'll post more about our trip. For now, ta-ta!

***we got Jered's passport back yesterday, so now we have to send off for our visa's.... Hooray!

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